Minutes from GFA August 2023 Annual Business Meeting


ATTENDEES: Diana Berenter, Barbara Ryan, Michael Day, Sara French, Jack Hooten, Gabriele Hooten, Katie Kline, Pam Johnson, Karen Ryan, Elain Reid, Ed Griswold, Judy Griswold, Kathryn LeBaron, Brian LeBaron, James Wright, Denise Wright, Yvonne Berg, Lonnie O’Bannon, Marcia Ann Griswold.

MINUTES: The meeting was called to order at 9:37 am by President Diana Ryan.  Diana pointed out Product for sale, made introductions and shared information about the GFA and asked for volunteers to serve as Directors.

Jack Hooten reported the Endowment fund stands at $307, 000, and is used to support the Michael Griswold House Restoration Fund. Membership files show 230 organization members currently.  We have 8 new members in 2023.  The Michael Griswold house tenant Marty is very responsible, meeting all expectations.

Sara French shared genealogist Coralee Griswold’s report: Research on “unplaced Griswolds” to find their Griswold ancestors is ongoing. Our publications are professionally produced and not publicly posted.

Barbara Ryan reported that three scholarships were awarded for this school year.  Winners are Geoffrey Cundall, Brendan Kline and Sydney Budaj.  Their essays were printed in the August 2023 GFA Bulletin. We had 6 applicants, and all applications were input and received online, a new process this year.

Katie Kline reported postage costs going up so she is looking for cost savings in printing the Bulletin.  Website has been updated, Facebook GFA group is up to 1450 members.  The new online GFA Product Store had $300 in sales, netting $23 to the GFA.

Diana Berenter reported on Richard Griswold’s absence due to illness.  He sent a report by email: the tenant requested a 2 yr. lease going forward.  No major repairs are proposed this year.  Holding an “Open House” was suggested, to coincide with other events in Wethersfield.

Diana announced the next Reunion will be in Princeton NJ in August 2024; following that we will resume the alternate year reunon schedule.  The next Executive Board meeting (by Zoom) will be Feb. 25th, 2024.

Sara gave tour details for Saturday and Sunday and shared a list of Griswolds who are buried in Valley Forge:  Andrew Griswold, George Griswold, Devos Griswold, Warren Griswold (died at VF} and Ebenzer Griswold.

The meeting was adjourned, and everyone convened for a group photo before departing on tour.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Ryan, Secretary