Griswold Inn Ranked as Sixth Oldest Restaurant in America

Discovery Time published their list of the thirty oldest restaurants in America in June 2022.  Ranking in the top ten was the Griswold Inn.  Built in 1776 by Sala Griswold, the Griswold Inn is the most famous landmark building in Essex, CT.  It originally stood near the shipyard.  Shipyard workers whose job was to construct ships to duel with the British were loyal customers at Griswold. The tired men admired the place for its cuisine and the fact that it was an inn where they could rest and enjoy a drink since it was the first bar in Connecticut. The building was moved to its current location on Main Street to become part of the house constructed by Richard Hayden in 1801.

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The Griswold Inn has also recently served as backdrop for holiday films such as the Hallmark movie, “Christmas at Pemberly Manor”.  It also served as the setting for scenes in the Netflix movie, “The Noel Diary”.


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