Griswold DNA Project Update

Hello Griswold Project Members,

We need your help!

Family Tree DNA just announced the Father’s Day sale that runs until June 18, 2023. If you are considering upgrading your Y-STR test to Big Y, now is a good time to do that. Why not save some dough and help us get more Griswold data!

If you aren’t considering upgrading your Y-STR test to Big Y right now, Coralee and I hope you will in the near future.

The Big Y is a different test than your Y-STR test. The Y-STR test can ONLY tell us that you are a Michael or an Edward Griswold descendant. It cannot tell us how you are related to your many Griswold matches.

But Big Y can! Even if your paper trail does not extend all the way back to your known Griswold ancestor (Michael or Edward), Big Y can help us help you fill in your paper trail gap. But ONLY if you upgrade your test!

Once you upgrade your test to Big Y, THAT’s IT! We don’t need any more Y-DNA from you.

The Griswold DNA Project is an on-going DNA study. But we need data to study.

That is where you come in.

Please consider upgrading your Y-STR test to Big Y.

This is what the Griswold Big Y test results have shown so far:

We have had 5 project members from Group 1 upgrade to Big Y. These tests have revealed the SNP mutation for the common Griswold ancestor, probably John Greswold born about 1440 in England, for the Edward and Michael Griswold lines.

We have also confirmed the SNP mutation for Joseph Griswold (Edward descendant) who married Temperance Lee. We have two other SNP mutations that revealed themselves through Big Y testing. One is for an unknown Griswold man and the other is the SNP mutation for one of two men, a father or his son.

The Griswold lineage is vast. We have only begun to scratch the surface of what Big Y testing can tell us about the many Griswold descendants of John Greswold.

What we are looking for each time a new Griswold man takes the Big Y test, is for a new SNP mutation for any descendant of Michael and/or Edward Griswold to be revealed.

We never know how each tester’s results will turn out. But, no matter what the Big Y test reveals, it is more information than we had before. And that allows us to formulate the strategy of who to test next, depending on which Griswold line we are working on or which Griswold mystery we are trying to solve.

With only 5 Griswold Big Y testers from Group 1 so far, we still don’t know which sons of Edward and which sons of Michael got which SNP mutation.

We wish we could tell you that we are only missing the SNP for one son of Edward’s and one son of Michael’s. But we just aren’t there yet. Right now, even though we have Y-STR testers for each of the four sons of Edward and each of the four sons of Michael, only one son of Edward’s has descendants who have upgraded their Y-STR test to Big Y.

If you are not in Group 1 and have not upgraded to the Big Y test yet, we hope you will take advantage of FTDNA’s Father’s Day sale as well. The more data we have for your line, the more we can help you.

As always, if you have any questions, please email Coralee or me.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you who are Dads!

Becky Griswold & Coralee Griswold

Project Administrators

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