GFA Bulletin Flashback from February 1961

Another Griswold Family Reunion

Last summer the descendants of the late Lyman W. Griswold of Greenfield, Massachusetts held their bi-annual reunion at the Griswold Farm in Greenfield, Mass.  The Farm, continually in the Griswold family since 1791, is located on Lampblack Road about five miles north from the center of Greenfield.

The host for this reunion was Lyman W. Griswold, Jr. who came east with his wife and children from his home in Reno, Nevada, for the month of August.  There were twenty-five members of all ages present and it certainly was a memorable occasion although sometimes confusion reigned.  Three of his family are members of our Association.  Talcott Griswold, your president; Lyman W. Griswold, Jr., the host; and Mrs. Ruth G. Baker of Clayton, Mo.

As this family is scattered from Maine to Pennsylvania and from Massachusetts to California, it has a novel way of always keeping in touch with one another.  It is through a “Round Robin” letter.  You write a general letter to the whole family and mail it to the next in line.  It goes from member to member.  When it comes back to you, take out your old letter and write a new one.  Of course newspaper clippings and pictures go with it.  It is a wonderful way to keep the family together and informed.

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