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Mark Griswold wrote:  “So I heard a story recently that the Griswolds in Soliull/Kenilworth were actually Catholic and faced persecution during the English Reformation.  Can anyone confirm this or have any more information/documentation?  Thanks!”

Erik Griswold shared a link to a page for Blessed Robert Grissold Catholic Church (, which describes the history of Robert Grissold, who was documented and fined for refusing to attend the services of the Church of England.

Sara French added:  “Robert remained a Roman Catholic but Matthew, Edward, & Francis were all Protestants.  Michael was likely part of a more fringe sect of extreme Protestants.  Those who remained in Solihull and owned Malvern Hall were all Anglicans.  Their crests are all over St. Alphege Church.

Mark Griswold followed up with this comment:  “I remember reading that Michael’s father was so extreme he shut himself and his family inside their house so as not to speak with any sinners.  Everyone died of malnutrition.  Good thing Michael got out of there or many of us wouldn’t be here.

Sara French added that the incredible story about Michael can be found in the following GFA Publication:  The Griswold Family:  12 Generations in England.  GFA publications can be ordered here on our website.


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