1913 Reunion Photo

Nancy Thomsen-Hurst sent a photo of a Griswold family reunion in 1913.

Coralee Griswold replied: After some study, I feel fairly confident this photo is most likely the descendants of Sylvanus C. GRISWOLD (E #2835/3717) with your grandmother Fleta being one of 18 surviving children. Taken 6 Dec 1913 in Missouri, we can eliminate 5 siblings who would have been deceased by the time this photo was taken. Based on date and those living at the time of photo I can only speculate who the other family members might be. Therefore it is definitely worth printing in our bulletin in hopes other family members might confirm their ancestors and provide more positive documentation. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful family photo in hopes we can better identify those therein.

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Identified, left to right: Tomas Griffith Evans, Fleta Virginia Griswold Evans, 30 people in attendance.