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GFA Board Member Ruth Thomasian shared a photograph of one of her family members, Mary Fosdick Stillman Griswold. She was born in 1856 in Somerset Ohio, married Fred Albert Griswold in 1878, and died in 1939 in Wethersfield Connecticut. Ruth’s mother, Frances GriswoldThomason, noted on the back that she was her grandfather’s sister-in-law, and Cousin Mary’s mother. The picture was probably taken before 1910.

Ann Baldelli posted on our Facebook page:

Greetings, I too descend from the Edward line and wanted to share a copy of this photo. The original has been donated to the Southold Historical Society in Southold, N.Y., where my ancestors once lived.

My grandmother, Katherine Alma Griswold Newcomb Briand (1888-1970) is in the back row, second from the right, wearing the wide-brimmed straw hat. She went by Kate and was the daughter of William D. Griswold (1866-1961) and Mary A. Kenney (1862-1924.) My great-grandfather was the longtime caretaker of property owned by relatives of Ralph Waldo Emerson. The photo is undated but is believed to have been taken about 1898. According to staff at the Southold Historical Society the students are more than likely at the Bayview School which is currently on the grounds of the historical society. Originally, the school was at the intersection of Jacobs Lane and Bayview, and my grandmother’s family lived nearby on South Harbor Road. Kate was the second born of William and Mary’s six children.

I’m sure others in this group descended from that family in Southold, and possibly, some of Kate’s siblings are in the photo

Nancy Thomsen-Hurst sent a photo of a Griswold family reunion in 1913:

Coralee Griswold replied: After some study, I feel fairly confident this photo is most likely the descendants of Sylvanus C. GRISWOLD (E #2835/3717) with your grandmother Fleta being one of 18 surviving children. Taken 6 Dec 1913 in Missouri, we can eliminate 5 siblings who would have been deceased by the time this photo was taken. Based on date and those living at the time of photo I can only speculate who the other family members might be. Therefore it is definitely worth printing in our bulletin in hopes other family members might confirm their ancestors and provide more positive documentation. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful family photo in hopes we can better identify those therein. (Do you know these family members? Email Identified, left to right: Tomas Griffith Evans, Fleta Virginia Griswold Evans, 30 people in attendance

Genealogy Advice from Sara French [posted on our Facebook page]

Many questions will arise about genealogy for Griswold family members. Our association has traditionally referenced the descent of four original emigrants to America named Matthew (Killingworth), Michael (Wethersfield), Edward (Windsor) & Francis (Cambridge, MA) Griswold.

Questions often overlap so here are some basic things:

  1. Genealogy published by the Griswold Family Association is proprietary. There are many publications dating back to the early 1900s. The most recent research is available in books published after years of painstaking and thorough research by our association's genealogist and past genealogists Robert & Esther French.
  2. If you are looking for information on a Griswold Ancestor, please consult The Griswold Family: The First Five Generations in America first (available at many libraries and with revisions on CD-ROM) by Robert & Esther Griswold French, which was published in 1990 and sought to provide as much accuracy and proof as possible for the first five generations in descent from the original emigrants (and replaced the earlier genealogy volumes published by GFA). We call this book "FFG";
  3. The English Ancestry of these emigrants has also been researched by the GFA and is published in The Greswolde Family: 12 Generations in England;
  4. Traditionally, "Griswold" is the spelling used in America; Greswold(e) is more common in the UK;
  5. We are not related to Chevy Chase;
  6. We often refer to people as from the "Edward line"--that is, descended from Edward Griswold of Windsor CT, the emigrant who came in 1636;
  7. Many of us on Facebook are amateur researchers and can help with some questions--we will most likely refer you to the published works; GFA Members can get help from Coralee Griswold.
  8. Our genealogical publications have a high degree of accuracy and are generally accepted as proof for lineage societies unless the line has been proven to have an error. There is A LOT of inaccurate information on the Internet about Griswold Genealogy so beware!