Griswold Family Association





Brian Griswold of South Windsor CT, son of Mark and Ellen Griswold, will be graduating in June 2018 and will pick one of three schools to attend and study Computer Engineering.

Charles Hill of Wheaton IL, son of Dwight Peter Hill, graduated from high school in May 2018 and will attend Indiana Wesleyan to study Computer Science.

Christina Listernick of Duxbury MA will return to school at Boston University to study Child Life/Counseling Psychology.

The Griswold Family Association Scholarships provide financial help to a GFA member or member’s child with expenses incurred with an undergraduate education at an accredited institution. . Grandparents and other relatives are encouraged to pass on the scholarship information and membership application to their family members. We will award $1,000 each to three students who meet the requirements as stated below. Determination will be made on basis of financial need and academic achievement, with consideration given to all sections of the applications. Applications for next year will be due by March 31, 2019 and will be reviewed by the committee and results announced in the June 2019 Bulletin.

preview of GFA Scholarship Requirements: applications available in january 2019

  1. Eligibility for the scholarship is based on active membership or being the son or daughter of an active member. Membership applications are available in our quarterly Bulletins or on our website,

  2. Applications pending or acceptance at one or more accredited undergraduate educational institutions. Students applying to or enrolled in graduate school are not eligible to apply. Students must be taking at least nine credit hours each semester or quarter ("3/4 time").

  3. Three-page scholarship application submitted. The applicant must show that financial aid would be helpful, and will be required to submit Part IIi - Financial Data of the application.

  4. Work experience.

  5. Membership in organizations.

  6. Aspirations for the future.

  7. Personal circumstances, if warranted

  8. Transcript of grades, from college or high school, submitted with application or sent by school

  9. Topical theme essay: using not more than two double-spaced, typed pages, write an essay commenting on the following question:  [question will be announced in January 2019)

  10. Required creative assignment: Use an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper to create something. You can blueprint your future home, create a new product, design a costume or theatrical set, compose a score or do something entirely different. Let your imagination wander