Griswold Family Association





August, 2019 - No Reunion this year: Annual Meeting and Executive Board meeting by conference call in August, details TBA

February , 2019 -  Executive Board meeting by conference call: details TBA

August 2020 - Three-Day Reunion. Location TBA. Any suggestions? We will discuss and choose by August.

Plan a “Reunion Within A Reunion” and invite other family members to meet you at the event. It’s a great way to get together! February, 2018 - Executive Board meeting by conference call, Sun. Feb 11, 2018 4pm - 6pm EST

We need members to volunteer to host or to help with a reunion. We have a Reunion Advisory Panel consisting of former Reunion chairs who can provide guidelines for running a reunion and share their expertise with you.

We will go wherever there is a Griswold connection and a group of people to host us!